Monday, 8 May 2017

10 Exceptional Character Traits of Billionaires

Desiring to become a billionaire usually seem like an unattainable dream and yes, it's only a day dream for most people. The truth is, many billionaires didn't start out as such. No doubt some might have had economic and educational advantages, but irrespective of those ‘advantages’, the smart decisions and business choices they made, including a few character traits cannot be overlooked. These exceptional character traits led them from struggling financially to becoming billionaires.

What are those exceptional character traits that drive billionaires?

We are going to look at 10 exceptional traits of these outstanding Homo sapiens. You may call them extremely successful, high achievers or money bags. One thing is sure, many celebrated billionaires picked up these characteristics very early in life whereas others developed them as they journeyed along.

Punctuality and dependability:
They keep to their word every time and are never late to meetings. They are held in high regard, both in the business world and among their friends.

They are well organized. They have the uncanny ability to thrive even in chaos. They very often have a very unique way of organizing their files and the various materials they need for daily activities.

They are inventive and successfully create, patent, produce and market a product that people need and which the rest of the world will troupe in to patronize.

They are innovative and always find creative ways to improve existing products and or services. They identify the real needs behind customer demands, and will meet them with a smarter, better, more efficient product service that provides more than its competitors.

Save and Invest
They are in the habit of saving and investing. The poor and average save to buy fashion accessories or to pay for a vacation experience but these outrageously rich folks save to invest in assets. They put their money only in items or activities that will bring in more cash. They avoid liabilities like plague.

Billionaires feel comfortable to express their feelings to the world through their work. They are masters in revealing their inner feelings to the world in several creative ways and the rest of the world patronize their creations. E.g. movie directors.

Extremely successful people take things into their own hands, and take responsibility for their own actions or inactions. They don’t so much rely on colleagues or subordinates to achieve their goals. They are hands-on.

Continuous improvement:
Successful money bags are ambitious. They desire to constantly improve, learn new things, pick up new skills and sacrifice some fun and enjoyment now, so that they can be happier in the future.

Embrace failure:
Billionaires use failure to fuel their desire to become better, and manage to learn from all the mistakes they make along the way. They don’t shy away from failure, they embrace and see every failure as an opportunity to learn and improve.

Calm and calculative:
In the face of adversity, exceptional achievers are calm. They maintain their composure. They don’t succumb to the pressures of the moment. They are calculative and set their thoughts only on solution rather than the problem itself.

You read it all. If you are showing some of these exceptional character traits, you might as well have a few dormant talents that will allow you to reach greater heights. You only need to learn to harness these powers within you. This might take a lot of time and work, and maybe some element of luck; one thing is sure, you will definitely have an upper hand if you are already exhibiting certain positive traits as we have just seen.

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