Monday, 18 September 2017

Man Who Invented Sex Robot Says His 2 Young Kids Play With It and Asks Her Questions!

A man, who is a co-creator of a sex robot named Samantha, has revealed that his two kids, aged 3 and 5, play with the sex doll and even ask her questions.

The inventor Arran Lee Wright, who confessed he does have sex with Samantha, made the revelation recently in a television program – This Morning.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Young Mom, Found Raped and Murdered, and There’s More to It!

A 21-year-old mother was reportedly raped and murdered after she left a party that was organized by her friend. Her body was found partly burnt, and a bottle stuffed in her mouth.

Zanele Sandlana from South Africa was last seen by her mother, Nomawethu Sandlana, on Saturday morning when she left their home to attend a party on the invitation of her friend at her home.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Girl, 16, Dragged To a Flat and Gang Raped After She Asked Men for Directions

A teenage girl got lost and decided to ask some men for direction but they dragged her back to a flat and gang-raped her. She had been on her way to a friend's house after a night out.

According to Kent police, she stopped to ask a group of men for directions in Ramsgate on Sunday, September 18, 2016, but instead of giving her help, the men took advantage of her.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Mom and Son Found Dead with a Note 'Don't let this happen to another child and mother'

A Minnesota mother and her five-year-old son were found dead in a murder-suicide following a lengthy custody battle with the child's father.

46-year-old Gina Summers and her child Jude were found at their home on Monday with a typed note which was apparently written and signed by the woman.

Women Dressed As Nuns Caught On Camera As They Attempt To Rob A Bank

Two women who were dressed as nuns and were carrying handguns have been caught on camera as they attempted to rob a bank.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is on a search for two women who authority say disguised as nuns and went into a bank in Pennsylvania on Monday in a failed attempt to rob in there.

Woman Plans to Sell Her Virginity to Fund Her Sex Change Operation, Says 'It Will Be Mind Blowing Sex'

A 25-year-old transgender female, Lila Rose, is planning to sell her ‘virginity’ so as to fund her sex change operation and she is promising a mind blowing sex to the highest bidder.

Rose, who is from Shepherd's Bush, West London, has been undergoing transition processes for about a year now. She has been taking hormones, and now hopes to raise £15,000 for operation.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

This Man Posted Picture of His ‘Curvy Wife’ Eulogizing Her Online, What He Didn’t Expect Was the Backlash that followed

A man's social media eulogy to his ‘curvy wife’ has sparked a huge backlash online after he posted an innocent message praising his wife’s body.

Robbie Tripp posted a photo of him and his wife on his social media handle, declared his love for her, and also expressed love for her body. What he didn’t expect was the backlash that followed on the internet by users who felt his post wasn’t appropriate.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Meet Man who proposed to His Girlfriend at 3, marries her 20 years after, says ‘it all began in preschool’

Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel first met in Preschool when they were 3-year-olds and went their separate ways for the elementary school. Although so much happened along the way, the pair reconnected back in High school and rekindled the flame that once burnt between them.

Matt and Laura eventually got married in 2016 and are living the reality that was once a far-fetched dream.

This 49-year-old Millionaire likes Dancing in His Pants and Loves Tattoos

He became popular on the internet after a video of him surfaced where he was seen emerging from a freezing anti-aging chamber in tight underwear just before breaking into seductive dance moves.

As would be expected, the video went viral and was seen more than 76,500 times and racked up over 750 comments within the first few hours of its release. Before then, Italian millionaire, Gianluca Vacchi, had been seen in a video dancing on a luxury yacht with his girlfriend last year.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Cop Seen on Camera Searching Woman’s Vagina for 11 Minutes, Remove Her Pants and Open Her Legs

A Dashcam video released by Texas attorney, Samuel Cammack III, has shown cop humiliating a 20-year-old college student by searching her vagina for 11 minutes.

The molestation took place in June 2015, when Charnieisha Corley, 23, who was just 20-years-old as at then, was pulled over by Harris County deputies. She was stopped for allegedly running a stop sign.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Missing Woman Found Naked On Rural Road, Tells How She Survived Three Weeks in the Woods

A 25-year-old woman from Alabama, who was thought to be dead, was found on a rural road after surviving three weeks in the woods.

Lisa Theris was missing for 28 days and was found naked, sickly and filthy when she was spied out by Judy Garner who was driving down a remote Highway outside of Union Springs, Alabama.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Chinese School Girl, 12, Abandons Newborn Baby in A Bush, Authorities Suspect She Had Been Raped

An underage schoolgirl recently gave birth to a baby girl and dumped her thereafter in bushes in the city of Yibin in China.

Authorities in China have revealed that 12-year-old Xiao Min is one of the children who were “left behind” and also confirmed that the young mom is a primary school pupil.

School Teacher Arrested For Involving In a Sex Romp with a 15-Year-Old School Boy

A former middle school gym teacher has been arrested for involving in a sex romp with one of her male students.

40-year-old Shawnetta Reece reportedly assaulted a 15-year-old boy in Georgia in 2013 while she worked as a teacher at Union County Middle School. 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Man Takes Pictures with Two Girlfriends Pregnant For Him, and They All Seem Happy Together

The saying that two is company and three is a crowd has been proved wrong this extraordinary trio. One needs to meet this couple to understand that you can make the best out of every situation.

The man in the photo above got his two girlfriends pregnant at about the same time. He recently shared photos and a video from the double pregnancy shoot of the two women.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Pregnant Woman Stuffs Chili Pepper into the Vagina of Her Cheating Husband’s Mistress

A 23-year-old pregnant woman has taken the word ‘revenge’ to a totally different dimension. The woman, who has been identified as Ly Chanel, decided to punish another lady who has been sleeping with her husband by stuffing super-hot chili pepper into her vagina.

According to reports, Ly became suspicious over her husband, Chien Keo’s unusual behavior. At the time, Chien kept staying away for hours from their home in Thai Nguyen province, Northeast Vietnam. The expectant mother, in the company of four female friends, tracked Chien to a motel where she caught him with a love rival.

Newborn Baby Dies Hours after Parents Wedding, cause of Death is Shocking!

Nicole Sifrit, and her partner Shane Sifrit celebrated the birth of their daughter, Mariana, on July 1 and a couple of days later, the two had their wedding. The newlywed couple is now warning parents to be careful about whom they allow around their children and says, ‘don’t allow strangers to kiss your child!’

Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks comes Under Fire for Abandoning His Wife

Jeremy Meeks has become one of the hottest sensation in the modeling industry after serving a jail term. He now appears to be in a new relationship with Chloe Green, a billionaire heiress.

The father-of-two won hearts all over the world when his mug shot went viral in 2014. Subsequently, he was labeled world's ‘hottest felon'.

Grandpa Arrested For Raping His Step-Granddaughter after He Got her Drunk

A 77-year-old man, James Allen, has been under arrest for raping his step-granddaughter after the 20-year-old woman posted a video online of him raping her while she was drunk.

The victim, whose identity is not revealed, was reportedly warped with alcohol by Allen and when she was woozy, he raped her at his home in Marblehead, Ohio.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

8-Year-Old Boy Hangs Himself with a Necktie, Parents File Lawsuit against the School District

An 8-year-old boy, Gabriel Taye, hanged himself with a necktie back in January, this year; his parents have now filed a lawsuit against the School district of Cincinnati Public School where the little boy attended.

The civil rights and wrongful death lawsuit asserts that the school did not suitably respond to Gabriel being bullied at school. According to the lawsuit, the school failed to inform the boy’s parents of a bullying incident in the bathroom of his school that happened two days before his death.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Government destroys s*x toys imported for female students, you won’t believe why

Female university students in Kenya may have to look for alternative means of self-pleasure after the country’s government intercepted and destroyed sex toys brought into the Rift Valley region. The authorities took this action following reported high rate of masturbation in the East African nation.

OMG! Teenage girl Opens Legs for her Dad, Her reason is Shocking!

A teenage girl was so infatuated with her biological father that she allowed him to have sex with her simply because she wouldn’t like to see him get married to his fiancée.  She offered to open her legs to her dad as her own way of stopping him from tying the knot with a new woman.

Man sleeps with friend’s child, what was found in his phone is unbelievable!

He was a friend of the girl’s family and had been entrusted with looking after her for short periods of time. But instead of being the true friend the family thought he was, Brijeshkumar Barot turned a wolf that preyed on their 12-year-old daughter.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Bizarre! Man seeks court order to exhume body of late businessman, his reason will shock you!

A man from Uganda, Ivan Ssemwanga, died on the 25th of May following a terrible heart attack. The late Ssemwanga was a flamboyant billionaire businessman and was well known the social circles. He was popular for throwing wads of cash at revelers in parties he attended in his home country, Uganda, and South Africa where he has business interests.

Little Girl cries Out after Officers Shut down Her Lemonade Stand, says ‘Dad, I've done a Bad Thing’

A 5-year-old girl was left in tears after council officers shut down her lemonade stand and issued her a fine.

The little girl got herself busy selling lemonade to revelers going to a festival in east London when she had her stand shut down by council officers. The girl and her father, Andre Spicer, were slammed with a £150 fine after the enforcement officers read out a lengthy legal document.

Married Model Uses Private Detectives to Track Down Men Who Trick Women on Dating Sites

A married male model, Matt Peacock, has employed the services of private detectives to track down men using his identity to trick women on dating sites.

A particular man stole the identity of Peacock and used it to produce 40 fictitious profiles on dating sites aiming to dupe gullible women into dates and casual relationships. In order to convince his victims even more, the identity thief used photos of the model’s relatives. By so doing, he got the ladies into sending private photos and videos to him.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Drunk Teenage girl gang-raped by 3 men, and She did not know until six weeks after

A drunken teenage girl was gang-raped by 3 men, but she only discovered what happened after Police found a video of the incident six weeks later.

The 16-year-old was shocked to learn she had been gang raped at a house party when the police came to her with uncovered 17-minute-long GoPro footage of the disparaging incident.

This woman is said to have The Hottest Butt

First of all, it’s difficult to consider China as one of the places fun loving men with preferences for hot butts would go searching for one. Brazil... may be, or some Latino stuff.

Secondly, China is supposed to be a conservative society. So, how come they are having bum pageants? Well, yes, China is taking the beauty industry by storm. The country now has its own take on butt competitions.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Woman Jumps Half-Naked Out Of a House Because Wife Suddenly Came Home

A woman who went home with a cheating husband met more than she expected when the unexpected happened. Her encounter with her married lover was going cool and smooth until the man’s wife suddenly came home.

Five children lose their lives after eating vegetable, granny drops dead on hearing the news

Tragedy struck in a little town of Obanikulu, Cross River State, Nigeria when on Thursday five children died after reportedly eating cucumber given to them by their great grandmother. On hearing the news about the death of her great grandchildren, the woman also slumped and died.
Sources said that the children, who were under the supervision of their great grandmother, ate the fruit in the absence of their grandmother, Mrs. Dorothy Agbor, who had attended a burial ceremony of one Mr. Kechie.

Teenage girl gang-raped by 3 men, She did not know until six weeks after

A drunken teenage girl was gang-raped by 3 men, but she only discovered what happened after Police found a video of the incident six weeks later.

The 16-year-old was shocked to learn she had been gang raped at a house party when the police came to her with uncovered 17-minute-long GoPro footage of the disparaging incident.

OMG! Man Arrested for Sleeping with His Mother

A 23-year-old man has been arrested for forcefully sleeping with his own mother. After abusing his 58-year-old mother on July 3, the young man took to his heels to an unknown destination. He has been on the wanted list of the local police before luck eventually ran out him.

Do You Know? Teenagers now use secrete emoji code to deal drugs on the internet

Do you know the top-secret emoji code for buying drugs on the internet? Do you know that teenagers are now using a secret emoji code to buy drugs online?

A recent documentary has shown that teenagers are making hundreds of pounds daily dealing drugs on Instagram and some other social media handles such as Snapchat and Yellow. In the BBC series, examiners found that young people are using symbols to hide the illegal deals, with different emojis for different drugs.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

These 5 Qualities Will Help You Rake in the Millions in Internet Marketing

The idea of being mere passengers on a ship that is meant to cruise to the farthest destination does not appeal to people who choose to put their destiny in their own hands. They have the desire to control the ship themselves. They have the will to be those people to take it anywhere they wish to.

Friday, 26 May 2017


money in different currencies

Being an adult has its own challenges. It isn’t always fun. Sometimes it’s just downright difficult.  Successfully managing your own money can be a little difficult, especially if you aren’t armed with the right financial training.

HANDLING MONEY is a learning process, and you’re bound to receive a few hard knocks along the way. But, there are a few things you should definitely NOT DO when money is involved, in order to set yourself up for a successful financial future.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Microsoft Leads In Moving The Public Cloud Towards The Edge

At Build 2017, Microsoft has outlined its plan to take Azure beyond the public cloud towards the edge. Branded as Azure IoT Edge, this offering exploits the growth in enterprise IoT and industrial automation.

Fresh Trouble: MTN fined $8.5m

Rwanda’s telecom industry regulator has fined MTN Rwanda, a division of South Africa’s MTN Group, 7 billion francs (8.5 million dollars) for running its IT services outside the country in breach of its license.

The regulator said in a ruling posted on its website in Kigali that MTN Rwanda was hosting its IT services hub in Uganda, which it had prohibited.

Yemi Osinbajo: I will sign 2017 budget when satisfied with content

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo will assent to the 2017 budget when he is satisfied with the content, his spokesperson said on Wednesday, in apparent reaction to a report that Information Minister Lai Mohammed said the government was unsure of who to sign the budget.

Earlier on Wednesday, Vanguard newspaper had published a report entitled: “We don’t know who will sign 2017 budget – Lai Mohammed.”

FG: N1bn worth of HIV drugs expired in storage

The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, has revealed that $3.2m (N1.08bn) worth of HIV drugs expired in storage.

Adewole said this while delivering a speech at the ‘Dissemination Meeting of 2016 National Health Facility Survey’ in Abuja on Tuesday.

Two Whistleblowers arrested for giving false information to the EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Tuesday, May 16, 2017, arraigned the duo of Buhari Fannami and Ba-Kura Abdullahi on two separate one-count charges before Justice M. T Salihu of the Federal High Court Maiduguri, for allegedly giving false information to the agency under the whistleblowing policy.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

12 ways to become richer 12 months from today

Without even knowing you I'd be willing to bet that the New Year's resolutions you made this year didn't materialize.

There's no point agonizing over that – it's what happens to most people.

But you can do something about it.

Here are 12 ways to be richer a year from now.

These 11 countries desperately want their citizens to have more kids

There are few things more important than fertility in determining a nation's future viability.

Demographers suggest that a country needs a fertility rate of just over two children per woman to hit "replacement fertility" — the rate at which new births fill the spaces left behind by deaths.

Woman gets engagement ring she’s been unknowingly wearing for a whole year (Photos)

A clever guy Terry, from Australia, proposed to his girlfriend with an engagement ring she'd been wearing for an entire year.

This is how he did it:

Terry found a ring he thought his girlfriend Anna would like sometime last year. He made a wooden necklace for Anna in which he hid the treasured item.

School Teacher elopes with 15-year-old, says he had s*x with her “on most nights”

A US federal judge on Friday ordered that a Tennessee schoolteacher, Tad Cummins, who allegedly kidnapped a 15-year-old student, be held in custody until trial, saying he is a flight risk and a danger to the community.

This directive came after an FBI agent testified that the 50-year-old teacher told authorities he had sex with the girl most nights during the 38 days he was on the run with her.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

This 34-Year-Old Billionaire wants Buhari’s job in 2019 (Photos)

Nigerian born Ibrahim Abubaka Lajada is a 34-year-old billionaire living abroad. He has declared his intention to run for the country's presidency in 2019.

He said,

“First, I would strengthen our educational system. Second, I will improve economic growth and fight corruption and lastly, I would make certain that everyone has equal and fair treatment in our society.

Feminists kick as Macron Celebrate His Election Victory with Raunchy Dancers (Photos)

39-year old Emmanuel Macron, who on Sunday night, became France’s youngest president since Napoleon, held his victory event at the Louvre museum, one of the country’s best-known sites and a former royal palace.

Monday, 8 May 2017

10 Exceptional Character Traits of Billionaires

Desiring to become a billionaire usually seem like an unattainable dream and yes, it's only a day dream for most people. The truth is, many billionaires didn't start out as such. No doubt some might have had economic and educational advantages, but irrespective of those ‘advantages’, the smart decisions and business choices they made, including a few character traits cannot be overlooked. These exceptional character traits led them from struggling financially to becoming billionaires.

How to handle little children with behavioral issues

Not all children behave in the same manner even if they have similar environment around them. Little children naturally behave according to their own set of environment that they have in school and at home.Children between the ages of two and six need special attention in corrective behavior by parents or guardians since these are the values that they will carry on for the rest of their lives.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Health First! Buhari takes off to London on medical grounds

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari will leave for London on Sunday for a medical check up, leaving Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to lead the country once again, his spokesman said.

Marine Le Pen wishes Macron ‘success’, claims ‘historic’ gains

Defeated French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen claimed a “historic, massive result” for the far right in Sunday’s presidential run-off, despite being soundly beaten by centrist Emmanuel Macron.

Lionel Messi rejects new multi-million contract with Barcelona

Lionel Messi, Barcelona's all-time record goalscorer, has rejected the offer of a new contract to throw his future at the Nou Camp into significant doubt.

The Argentina international has been with the Catalan giants since joining the club aged 13, but there are no guarantees he will extend his association with the club beyond when his deal expires in June 2018.