Friday, 2 February 2018


Little Boy Wants To Cook For The Family But Mom Won’t Let Him, Adorable Footage Shows!

An adorable moment was seen in a trending online video where a little boy argued with his mother after she refused his request to cook for the family.

The little boy appeared in the footage standing on a kitchen stool while he tried to cook for his family. The mom was heard speaking from behind the camera trying to stop him. The boy would not bulge as he broke into argument with his mom.

Bride Excited To Finally Get Intimate With Her Partner! See What She Posted After Her Wedding…

Several decades ago, among many societies across the globe, virginity was priced as the best gift any bride could offer her husband on their wedding night. With the advent of modern civilization and all the social impacts that came with it, that concept seems to be fast fading away.

Bella Hadid All Beautiful As She Stuns in Amazing Outfits!

Supermodel, Bella Hadid, recently stepped out in amazing outfits in NYC as she dined with her pals, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin.

The 21-year-old beauty wore a sheer white top paired with faux-fur Bomber Jacket and high-waist trousers. Take it or leave it, Bella sure knows how to command attention.

See more of her photos after the cut…

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

This Lady Claims Specific Workout, Special Meals, and Training Transformed Her Butt from THIS to THAT! You Agree?

We all know that many individuals all over the world engage in plastic surgeries so as to enhance their physical features. Ladies, especially like to do butt implants because they believe it makes them more attractive to their love interests.

The popularity of artificially enhanced looks has made it difficult to believe someone when they show a total transformation from how they used to look to how they now appear. Many followers usually read their stories with a lot of reservations.

This 20-Year-Old Rape Suspect Confessed, ‘I started raping children after my girlfriend left me’

Recently, police in Nigeria arrested a 20 - year - old man, Abdullateef Ibrahim, after he was caught raping a 5-year-old girl. Reportedly, the suspect made a startling revelation during interrogation. He told officers that he began to rape underage children after his girlfriend left him.

Further inquiries showed that Ibrahim had been in the criminal act for over two years before the long arms of the law eventually caught up with him. He further confessed that he has had carnal knowledge of over 6 minors within their vicinity.

Man Declared Dead By 3 Doctors Wakes In Body Bag In A Mortuary! You Won’t Believe Who He Is!

29-year-old Gonzalo Montoya Jiménez woke just hours before the post-mortem. He was in a body bag in a hospital mortuary after he had been declared dead by three doctors earlier.

Jiménez is a prisoner in Spain and has been described as ‘exceptional’ following his remarkable feat of dying and coming back to life. The ‘dead’ man had already spent a short time in a cold room in the mortuary. Reportedly, his body had marks on it as he was being prepared for autopsy.

Lady Goes Emotional Online: “I lost my virginity at 17 to gang rape, survived sudden blindness, and attempted suicide”

A social media user, Faith Amadi, has taken to her handle to share an emotional story about her life experiences and survival struggles. From what she posted on her wall, the challenges she had to overcome includes losing her virginity to gang rape at the age of 17, surviving sudden blindness, and surviving suicide attempts a few times.

I think her story is quite inspiring and can be useful to someone hurting out there. This is what the lady who is from Nigeria shared on her Instagram page, quite touching:

Girl Confronts An Uncle Who MOLESTED Her When She Was 6! You Won’t Believe What She TOLD Him!

There was a dramatic moment at a function recently when a courageous lady confronted her uncle who she said molested her when she was 6 years old and the encounter was captured on camera.

The person who shared the footage on Twitter handle @MeWeFree wrote: ‘Wow. Just came across this. This girl is confronting the man who molested her. I believe it's her uncle. Why is he even invited/welcomed to the function?’

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Zambian Woman Who Sleeps With Her Son For Money Confesses! Says ‘Once I Stop… Our Wealth Will Vanish’

Just when you think you have heard it all, you wake up each day to find out that you are just a freshman in the global ‘University’ called Life. Now, this is one story that seems so unbelievable as much as it is apparently disturbing.

‘Once I stop sleeping with him, our wealth will vanish and my son will die’ was how a middle-aged Zambian woman who sleeps with her son for riches described her situation to ZambiaWatchDog.

Mother Tattoos Her Son’s Face on Her Back… And It Has Gone Viral On The Internet!

Parents do all sorts to express the love they have for their children. Mothers are especially bonded to their babies such that they would always want to have something around them which reminds them of their tiny bundles of joy.

Man with Eight Children Falls to His Death on His Birthday! You Won’t Believe HOW IT HAPPENED!

A father-of-eight from Turkey reportedly fell to his death while he posed on top of a cliff on his birthday and the tragic fall was captured on camera. The horrific footage circulated on social media.

UNBELIEVABLE! Man Impregnates His WIFE’s MOM; Says ‘She Tempted Me…’

A 45-year-old man recently confessed to have had sexual affair with his wife’s mother to the point of impregnating her.

John and Victoria Ulaha are married couples from Nigeria. They live and work in the city of Lafia but they also own a farm in the husband’s home town, Awe, which they jointly operate as a means of extra income for the family. John is an artisan while Victoria runs a provision store in the same city.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Man Fathers 8 Children With His DAUGHTER While Holding Her As Sex Slave! What Happened Next Is KARMA!

A 57-year-old man has been jailed for 12 years for raping his daughter multiple times and fathering 8 children with her while keeping her as a sex slave for 22 years.

Domingo Bulacio began to molest his daughter while she was aged 7 after his wife who was the girl’s mother left the house. Some of Domigo’s extended family members were among the 50 persons who witnessed against him during hearing.

Man Boasts About Sleeping with Another Man’s Wife in His Car on Twitter! What Happened Next Is Viral!

An exchange on Twitter between two men, a husband and another man, has gone viral because of the audacity of the claims contained therein.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Man Locked Up In A Filthy ROOM For 15 Years. You Won’t Believe By WHO And Why It HAPPENED!

A man was recently found locked up in a filthy room of an abandoned building for 15 years by his 33-year-old sister, Supasiri Kamwiratch, in Thailand.

Supasiri had her brother, Kamwiratch Paitun, 30, locked up in a room of an insignificant house located at southeast of Bangkok in a seaside district of Rayong province since 2002.

LADY Refuses Sex with A GUY Who Paid For Her HOTEL Room, Then THIS Happened!

A Twitter user has taken to her social media handle to narrate what happened between her and a guy who had earlier offered to pay for her hotel room after she refused him sex.

According to the Nigerian lady with the handle @BellexForte, the guy begged her to pay for her hotel accommodation in Lagos. After she accepted his offer to pay, the guy eventually began to pressure her for sexual favors to which she refused.

Lady Filmed DOING This Shameless Thing To A HOMELESS Man! You Won’t BELIEVE His Reaction!

The quest to go viral on the internet has caused so many social media enthusiasts to engage in a lot of crazy stuff just so that they can get more clicks.

Recently, a woman filmed herself urinating on a homeless man and shared the clip online. Her action has provoked so much anger in people who saw the footage.

Unbelievable! Church Mistakenly PLAYS Porn While Choir Sings… See What Really HAPPENED!

Those who work in technical departments in religious organizations need to take extra care while using electronic devices that had been pre-used by different owners in order to avoid the kind of embarrassment suffered by a Church recently while service was in full swing.

Church goers were left stunned and embarrassed after a computer in the Church hall accidentally played hardcore porn on the big screen while choir was ministering to the congregation.

Check Out This YOGA Pose By Sexy Ladies To Lighten Up Your DAY and More…

Yoga involves a range of practices that people engage in so as to bring themselves under physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. Its origin is traceable to ancient India and there are a wide variety of yoga practices.

The commonly practiced yoga exercises emphasize on the mastery of the physical body alongside the mind. The inspiration for the yoga postures have been drawn from external objects.

20-Year-Old Kidnap Gang Leader Confesses To Killing 10 Victims And Drinking Their Blood!

The excessive desire for money and material possession is driving a lot of young people into unbelievable activities that have left many people dumbfounded, and so many others are asking, ‘What is this world turning into?’

How could a young man under 20 have the boldness to run a criminal gang that would go after grown men, kidnap and hold them captive so that they can demand for a huge ransom? Do these young fellows really have any purposeful plans for the future?

Friday, 29 December 2017

Man, 50, Marries 3 WOMEN At The Same Time! You Won’t Believe Who TWO Of Them Are!

A 50-year-old man recently got married to three women on the same day and all the women are happy with the marriage arrangement.

Mohammad Ssemanda from Uganda, who is a food vendor, decided to get married to the 3 women in his life at the same time thereby stunning the public in no small measure. Amazingly, 2 of the brides are said to be blood sisters; neither the brides nor the groom seems to care.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Father ATTACKS Man Who Commented On His Toddler DAUGHTER’S Picture. And The Reason Is FREAKY!

A father has been left in anger after another man commented on an innocent picture of his daughter which he uploaded on social media.

Mr. Emmanuel Nwachukwu from Nigeria works as a consultant. Recently, he updated his WhatsApp messenger app with his toddler daughter’s picture. What he did not expect was an inappropriate remark from someone he knows.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Woman SHOT In The Hand After She Was Caught Stealing! You Won’t BELIEVE How It HAPPENED!

Laws are made in every nation so as to protect individual and collective lives and properties. When people break laws in any country, it is expected that the law enforcement agents will arrest the offender and charge them to court where justice will be applied.

In a civilized society, it is not expected that a group of individuals will take laws into their own hands instead of allowing the law of the land to have its free course. That is why a lot of people have criticized a disturbing footage that has recently been seen online.

Woman Arrested For Performing Sexy Lap Dance On A Man While Toddler Son Watched! You Won’t BELIEVE Who Paid Her!

A woman who works as a stripper is being held by the police on the suspicion that she performed a sexy lap dance on a young father while his 3-year-old son was present in the room.

The 20-year-old father was said to be celebrating his birthday in the city of Kursk in western Russia. In order to spice up his day, his parents reportedly invited a professional stripper over to give him a routine lap dance.

Pretty Officer Accused of SEXUAL Misconduct with a 13-Year-Old Boy! Here Is The FULL Story…

24-year-old Maria Velez is a good looking officer with the Cleveland police department. Before taking a job with Cleveland police, she resigned her position as teacher’s aide in an elementary school.

Valez has been indicted with sexual misconduct involving an underage schoolboy while she worked at Clark Elementary School in 2015. She had been accused of having sex with a 13-year-old boy several times between March and December 2015, according to reports.

Newborn Baby Boy RESCUED After His Mother Dumped Him In A Pit Latrine! What HAPPENED Next Is Heartbreaking!

Mothers are supposed to nurture, care, and protect their children especially the helpless newborn babies. It is becoming more and more disheartening with the influx of news about newborn babies being abandoned or even killed by the same women who gave birth to them.

A newly born baby boy was recently rescued after his mother reportedly threw him into a pit latrine. Following the child’s rescue, a 24-year-old woman was arrested in Ga-Rafiri village, Lebowakgomo, South Africa after it was determined that she dumped her newborn baby in a pit toilet.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Man Reveals What He Does With A Sex Robot Every Week, Says His Wife Knows About It!

People have different ways of fulfilling their sexual fantasies and it is within their right to do so as long as they are not breaking any laws. A man from Atlanta, Georgia has revealed how he sleeps with a sex robot even with the approval of his wife.

58-year-old James and his wife, Tine, have been married for 36 years and they both have had a good relationship together. But James began an affair with a life-size sex robot when Tine’s mother took ill and his wife began to take care of her mom.

Man Posts Nude PHOTO On Facebook Which Got People Talking! You Won’t BELIEVE Who He Really Is!

There are some pictures that are supposed to be for private use. But when the owner of those pictures becomes careless with them, if they get to the public access, it could cause a huge embarrassment to the owner.

The public condemnation could be more severe if the person involved is some kind of a public figure who is supposedly respected. People can pardon celebrities in the entertainment industry when they intentionally or mistakenly leak their nudes because it will be assumed they want to draw attention to themselves.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Dad Strikes DAUGHTER with A Belt and Shaves Her Head, You Won’t BELIEVE Why! What He Said To Her Will SHOCK You!

A man from Louisiana has been arrested after he was seen in a video striking his young daughter with a belt and shaving her head for using a social media app.

Alex Harrison, 33, of Ferriday in Louisiana, was seen in the footage with a belt lashing his teenage daughter as a way of punishing her for using Snapchat.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Guy Goes Shopping Wearing NOTHING But Thongs! This Will FREAK You Out!

It has been said that what we wear at any given time has a lot to say about us and many a time this belief has been proven to be true. There are no doubts that our choice of outfit tell something about us and what we represent.

If a billionaire goes to a city where he is not known and dresses up like a homeless man, no one will take him seriously. Hardly will anyone want to come very close to him to engage in a meaningful conversation.

Check Out These Lovely Bikini Photos Of Rapper LL Cool J's Daughter… She’s All Grown Up!

It is a relatively known fact that rapper and actor LL Cool J has always been a dedicated family man. He prides himself as being a family man first, and then an entertainer next. His daughters have grown into beautiful and respectable young ladies.

Monday, 20 November 2017

26-Year-Old Pedophile Spared JAIL Term… You Won’t BELIEVE Why! What He Sent To 2 Teen Girls Is SHOCKING!

A 26-year-old pint-sized pervert, Bryan Anthony Bowen of Welshpool who was arrested on the count of grooming teen girls on social media and also sending sexually explicit messages to them, has been spared jail term because of his small stature.

In prosecution, Judge Rhys Rowland described Bowen as a man who is ‘small in stature and emotionally inadequate’. He described the suspect’s irrational liking for teens as a way of escape from reality, so he needed to ‘live out some sort of fantasy’.

Woman KILLS Older Husband Because She Found Condom In His Pocket! How She DID It Is Shocking!

A 22-year-old woman has been charged with murder with intent after she admitted to stabbing to death her 62-year-old husband because she found a condom in his pocket.

Nittaya Saengdeuan from Udon Thani, Thailand became jealous after she found a condom in the trouser pocket of Amnuay Wensila, her much older husband, and presumed he was having an affair with another woman. An altercation broke out between the two married people.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Woman Suffers SEX ADDICTION for 10 Yrs. Shares Her Story! You Won’t BELIEVE How Many Men She SLEPT With!

Monique Price, now 25, was only 14 when she lost her virginity. At 15 she lied about her age and claimed she was 18 so that she could get involved in an orgy which involved having sex with multiple men at the same time. That marked the beginning of her sex addiction.

Monique started to meet older men online with whom she would engage in sex acts. She even went as far sneaking all sorts of men into her family home when both of her parents had gone out. She would very often engage in phone sex and other dangerous sexual activities.

What Ladies SHOULD DO When A Man Calls Them A ‘Whore’ - Actress! You Won’t BELIEVE What She Said!

Women all over the world are unique beings. They seem complex mainly because they are a little bit differently wired from men. But there are certain characteristics that both men and women share in common.

Men and women desire to be loved and appreciated. Likewise, both men and women desire to be respected and indeed all human beings deserve to be respected. While men many times conceal their emotions even when they are shown love, women are more expressive when they receive a loving attention.

Police Ends Interrogation of A SUSPECT Because Of His Continuous Farts! You Won’t BELIEVE How He Did It!

An unusual turn of events happened with authorities in Kansas City on September 1 after a man was stopped by officers on the suspicion of flouting federal gun and drug laws.

Sean Sykes Jnr had been pulled over by the police who did a routine search. Found with him were two handguns and a backpack containing drugs. One of the firearms was reported to have been stolen some days before the incident.

Man Kills Wife over SUSPICION of CHEATING… You Won’t BELIEVE Where He DUMPED Her BODY!

It usually takes long for trust to be built in a relationship. When two individuals are starting out in a relationship, it is expected that occasional doubts and suspicion will creep in from time to time because they are still trying to get along.

However, after being in a relationship for a long time, one should expect a certain level trust, understanding, and tolerance between the couple. They ought to have known themselves in such a way that if they can no longer stand each other’s shortcomings, they have to peacefully go their separate ways.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

This Pretty Woman sleeps with her brother, says ‘God approves’, calls it ‘incestsexual’

A pretty Twitter user with the handle Nicky took to her page to share loved up pictures with her brother who she said she sleeps with.

Nicky has revealed that she is in a romantic relationship with her brother, Aryan. She went ahead to create a thread to explain why it's OK to engage in incest.

This Lady Said, ‘I Almost Lost My Life… But My BOOBS Saved Me’! This Is UNBELIEVABLE!

There are things that happen during an emergency situation and we can easily count them as normal. A drowning man could have skilled swimmers reach out to him and save him or have a safety ring thrown for him.

Crashing vehicles have been stopped by poles and emergency workers have assisted in saving so many accident victims and victims of fire disaster.

Married Woman And Her Lover FOUND DEAD In A Car! You Won’t Believe WHAT They Were Found DOING!

Disloyalty in marriage or a relationship has been given different coloration by different individuals and people are yet to come to agreement as to the exact actions that constitute disloyalty.

While some people might think that disloyalty sets in once a partner begins to openly admire someone else even if they haven’t physically met, to others disloyalty can only happen if someone in a relationship establishes some form of physical contact with a different person.

Married Father-Of-Six Caught Having Sex With A Dog! You Won’t BELIEVE Whose Dog IT IS!

A married father with six children was recently sentenced for the offense of bestiality in Johannesburg South Africa. Fanroi Mochachi was arrested after he was caught performing a sex act on a puppy belonging to a 10-year old neighbor.

The ten-year-old boy who owned the mutt and his uncle heard cries coming from the eight-month-old dog at a garden close by and decided to go and find out. They were shocked to find the accused having sex with the animal and alerted authorities.

Lady Accidentally Burns Her FAKE BUTT On Flat Iron! You Won’t Believe What She DID NEXT!

In a world that is increasingly competitive in virtually every phase of human endeavor, people are moved to enhance every aspect of their lives in order not to be left behind in the scheme of things.

One particular area that most people have taken all kinds of steps to enhance is the aspect of physical looks. Men and women all over the world pay so much attention to their personal appearance such that a lot of people have taken the drive to look good to the extreme.


The most difficult stage in every new relationship seems to be the time when the persons involved are just starting out. In so many ways they barely knew each other. Their dos and don’ts are a lot different.

While they are trying to know each other better, certain situations can creep in which might have the capacity to either make or mar that relationship forever.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Girl Tells Boy To Get 10k Re-Tweets And ‘I Will MARRY YOU’, Boy, 19, Gets 17k! What Happened Next Will FREAK YOU Out!

With the advent of the internet and social media, there have been a lot of innovations on how we go about our daily activities. There have been changes in the ways businesses are run. In fact, businesses that are run mainly via internet and social media tend to grow faster and bigger than the old fashioned mortar and brick styled businesses.

Couple Caught On Camera STEALING MEAT At A Party! You Won’t BELIEVE HOW They Did It!

Party times afford family and friends, and in some cases work colleagues and business associates, the opportunity to unwind and get social. It, often times, provides a relaxed atmosphere for people to meet new friends and build new acquaintances.

So many fun things go on during parties and every host always tries their best to keep the guests entertained. There is usually enough food and drinks to go round accompanied by suiting music and dancing.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Woman Sleeps With Her SISTER’S HUSBAND, Murders Her IN COLD BLOOD! What Happened NEXT Is KARMA!

This is one of those stories you come across and you would feel that you are reading a fiction from an alien planet and not from our beautiful earth. I mean this could shock you to your spine.

We are looking at the story of 27-year-old Sabah Khan who has been sentenced for killing her sister in cold blood after she has had series of sexual affairs with her sister’s husband for four years and even reportedly had an abortion in between.

EX-BOYFRIEND Slits Lady’s Throat ‘From Ear To Ear’! Where He Did It And What He DID NEXT Is Even More SHOCKING!

With the increasing growth in the spate of attacks meted out on former lovers by their Exes, people should begin to become more careful whenever they are dealing with their old flames.

It has been proven true quite too often that there is a thin line between love and hate. If not, how could it be that two people who had been in love with each other would suddenly develop so much hatred for each other such that one of the parties might want to take the other person’s life?

Monday, 23 October 2017

INCRIDIBLE! This Child Is 10-MONTH-OLD… You Won’t Believe How Much HE WEIGHS!

The beautiful thing about life is that each new day comes with new surprises. No matter how vast anyone is in knowledge, they always find out there’s something they are just getting to learn for the very first time.

This is exactly what happened in the city of Tecoman in Mexico when doctors declared that a 10-month-old child already weighs as much as a 9-year-old at the moment. Doctors have also said that this would be the first case of such to be recorded in the city.